Thursday, March 22, 2018

March 22 On This Day in Australian History

1791 - Young Bundle/Bundall was an orphaned Aboriginal lad from the Cowpastures area of Sydney who attached himself to Cap. William Hill of the NSW Corps; when Cap. Hill went for a leisurely Sunday sail on board the Supply to Norfolk Island today Young Bundle naturally went with him.

1810 - Determined to learn them kids right a charity school was opened by Gov Macquarie in Parramatta.

1814 - Yippie Aunty Mildred, no more bush bashing in the 4WD as the road from Sydney to Liverpool was finally completed.

1819 - Macquarie, ever the man of the people, forwarded to the Colonial Office in London a petition from the 1,260 colonists who wanted, nay, demanded a new legal system that included trial by jury and the removal of restrictions on trade and distillation of spirits.
They wanted to brew up, get pissed and be judged by their own peers....I'd say they were successful!

1830 - Captain Stirling issued a Government notice advising those who were entitled to grants of land to select in the southern district. He made preparations to assist settlement, and sent several persons there from Perth within a few weeks. One farmer who accompanied the first expedition expressed the conviction that "with proper industry we shall all do better there than in the country round about Perth, for the climate is cooler and certainly the land preferable, and therefore on both accounts better adapted to the growth of vegetables and corn."

1831 - Australia's oldest school, The King's School was founded on this day and no doubt if you look closely in the dark recesses you'll find the original teachers and pupils still trying to master the 7 times table during their school day from 7am - 9pm.

1843 - At an encampment near the Merri Creek, nearly two hundred Kulin people came to join the Wurundjeri-willam in the ceremony of Tanderrum (to establish bonds of friendship between different Aboriginal clans). They had travelled from their own territories along the Delatite River to make a special visit to the land of the Wurundjeri-willam.
The newcomers carried torches or burning boughs in their hands which they used to purify the air. Water was brought to the newcomers but the locals drank first to show that there was no danger.
A young man visiting the Wurundjeri-willam for the first time stopped to drink from the Yarra without observing any preliminary ritual. He immediately lost the use of his voice.
{From ‘People of the Merri Merri, the Wurundjeri in Colonial Days’, by Isabel Ellender and Peter Christiansen, published by the Merri Creek Management Committee.
This book is available at the MCMC office and selected book stores for $19.80.}

1845 - The Moreton Bay correspondent scribbled out some observations which the Sydney Morning Herald published today,
"As past experience has shewn that whenever an assembly of blacks takes place, either for a corroboree or pullen-pullen, depredations on the white man's property are sure to ensue, owing to their hunger, from fasting the most of the time the dance or fight lasts; it certainly would be advisable for the authorities to put a stop when practicable, to these meetings, and as we have a military guard down here, the sight of a few bayonets, and an explanation through an interpreter of the unlawfulness of their meetings, would cause them to have the fear of the white man's anger in their heads."

1848 - The first two females of the species were admitted and treated at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

1859 - The Political Labour League of Victoria (please note they had their spelling thumped into them good and proper) was established in Melbourne, which was the first political party dedicated to the working class of Oz.

1880 Crikey! They let sheilas women into universities in Melbourne ! Next thing you know they'll be letting them vote and become PM of the joint!

1897 - Back in 1897 our dearly beloved *cough cough* leader-to-be, Edmund Barton (otherwise known as Toby Tosspot due to his habit of tossing back the alcohol) led a conference to discuss the proposed Constitution for the future Commonwealth of Oz.

1911 - The Lake Cargelligo Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Cootamundra North Junction - Cootamundra West.

1918 - The Great Ocean Road Trust was formed at a public meeting held on this day in Colac.

1921 - Riverton Railway Station, in South Oz, was not the place to be today as a Russian chappie by the name of Koormah Tomayeff began shooting practice with his pistol using the general public as his targets; 4 men and a woman were injured in the fray with two of the men (one of them Percy Brookfield a NSW MP) dying from their wounds.
Tomayeff was not tried as he was deemed insane and shuffled off to an asylum.

1922 - Mr Box was a bit of a worry....he held a demo in Melbourne to show how to extract gas from your average bin of household rubbish. He's probably been agitating for installing piping in cows for methane gas extraction ever since...

1924 - Today in 1924 saw the defeat of Edith Cowan, our first chickybabe pollie who'd served in The Seats of Power since 1921, at the State ballot box.
She argued for child endowment and infant health centres, for the welfare of migrants, for a housewives’ union and for the legal and political rights of all women. Less popularly, she was a firm advocate of state schools introducing *gasp* sex education.
In 1923 she introduced a Women's Legal Status Bill as a private member; this passed both Houses of Parliament and was enacted, enabling women in Western Australia to practice law.

1942 - Katherine in the NT had the absolute buggery bombed out of it when 9 Japanese aircraft dumped 91 bombs on the Katherine Airfield today; the town itself had minimal damage but there was one death that of an Aboriginal man Dodger Kodjawal who had hidden near The Rocks.

1950 - Alfred Griffin was Hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Elsie Wheeler at a Hutt Street boarding house.

1971 -  The last episode of "The Village Glee Club" aired on ABC Radio. The long-running series, featuring old-time music, was first broadcast in 1942 and was hosted throughout by Philip Derbyshire.

1971 - Ian Black was interviewed by Anne Deveson on 2GB about CAMP Inc.

1974 - Tassie, not to be outdone by Toby Tosspot's hydration levels, recorded the highest rainfall in a single day when 352mm of cloud juice was dumped on the Apple Isle.

1975 - The Second Seminar on Female Homosexuality, funded by the Federal Government was held.

1980 - 1000 marchers and some floats participated in a march for gay rights in the city as the culmination of the Summer Offensive. A festival, dinner and a dance were later held at Bondi Pavilion.

1986 - Alan Bond, he of the dodgy memory, had a spare $232 million lying around so he bought up Thorm EMI. Nice pocket change!

1986 - The Ropes Creek Railway Line (NSW) was slammed shut.

1991 - South Australian football performed a delicate pirouette into Aussie Rules Football with the new Adelaide Football Club, hastily created and built over five hectic months.

1995 - The Palmerston campus of the Northern Territory University opened.

1999 - A fire in a major Darwin sub-station caused more than $400,000 worth of damage and blacked out 9,000 northern suburbs houses.

2010 - Perth on this day got the bejebus thrashed out of it by a super-nasty storm that left the people and state reeling with an estimated $1.8 billion bill in damages.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March 21 On This Day in Australian History

If we all adopt a country footy /netty club and take out even 1 membership it will help small country clubs.
And let's call a spade a fecking shovel here, boys and girls - once the footy team folds, the netball clubs go and then it's like a set of dominoes and towns disappear.
Don't let that happen to our fabulous country towns!!!

1792 - In a letter he jotted to the good Rev William Morice about the coastal Eora people coming in frequently to the convict settlement at Sydney Cove, Captain Richard Johnson stated,
" A Number of the Natives, both Men women, and especially Children are every day now in the Camp - Two native Girls I have under my roof,"

1802 Matthew Flinders was a busy chap, trotting off and finding all sorts of things on his explorative travels, like today's Show and Tell subject Kangaroo Island.
Yes, we have so many of the hoppity critters we had to name a whole lump of dirt after 'em.

1816 - After two years of severe drought, the Gundungurra (Gandangara) came down from the mountains to attack settlers in the outlying Cow Pastures (Camden) district, burning houses and sheds, spearing cattle and plundering crops. They killed four men employed by George T Palmer (son of Commissary John Palmer) at the Nepean River and three of Mrs Elizabeth Macarthur’s stock-keepers at Camden.

1829- Windradyne, known to European settlers as "Saturday", was a warrior and resistance leader of the Wiradjuri people; he passed to the stars on this day following a tribal fight at the Macquarie River.

1855 - Raffaello Carboni was tried for treason over his involvement in the Eureka Stockade.
Of course he found not guilty.

1863 - Thomas Pedder was hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of Thomas Sweeny, a shepherd, at Irwin River.

1864 The very first hansom cab turned up in New Zealand with its driver asking for directions as his Sat-Nav was on the blink.

1895 - The Chickybabes Suffrage Act got the gong from Queen Vicky in South Oz when it twas Gazetted, thereby giving the gals the right to vote and to stand for Parliament.

1917 Infamous,wonderful author Frank Hardy, brother to the equally talented entertainer Mary Hardy, was pupped today.

1918- Dunolly-ite made good; Harry Lawson, pupped in Dunolly, assumed the position as Premier of Victoria.

1931 The aircraft Southern Cloud disappeared during a flight from Sydney to Melbourne, with the wreckage not found until 1958.

1963 – At a special federal conference of the Australian Labor Party, Arthur Calwell and Gough Whitlam were photographed outside the venue at Kingston in Canberra. Although Calwell was the Leader of the Opposition, neither man was a member of the federal executive. Robert Menzies jibed that the ALP was ruled by "36 faceless men".

1964 Hanji Mahomet Allum died in Adelaide at the age of 106. Mahomet Allum was born in Kandahar, then capital of Afghanistan, in 1858. As a young man he sold horses to the British Army in India and travelled to Persia,Saudi Arabia, England and in the 1890s he came to Western Australia where he worked as a camel driver in outback WA, SA, NSW and Queensland. Among other occupations he worked at surveying, carpet dealing, worked in the mines at Broken Hill and had shops in Lismore and Wilcannia.
In the early 1920s he arrived in Adelaide,where he became a herbalist, healer, and friend of the sick and needy asking for no payment, but accepting gifts of fruit and flowers. He was a well known and colourful character in Adelaide for many years.

1965 The ABC's kids show The Magic Boomerang began delighting the ankle biters.

1965 - A group of 40 Aboriginal men staged a sit-in at the Burlington Hotel in Haymarket, Sydney, to protest the unofficial apartheid of publicans, patrons and police towards Aboriginals which effectively banned them from entering and drinking at hotels.

1975 - "Wollongong The Brave", a new 4-part comedy series from the Aunty Jack team, premiered on ABC.

1981 - The Splendid Mardi Gras hosted in Sydney was flounced down the street to the theme of "We are the People our Parents Warned us Against"
Yes, yes, we are.

A group of marchers had been confused about the date and gathered in Moore Park a day early. The Sydney Star reported that they were forced to flee when fired upon by a man with a rifle from a nearby balcony.

1984 - The Kooragang Island Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened for business from Hanbury West Junction - Hanbury North Junction.

1996 - A woman was standing on the steps of the Family Court in Parramatta, an apprehended violence order (AVO) against her ex-husband in her hand when that same man opened fire on her, hitting her 5 times and killing her.

2002 - Senior Constable Woods, NSW Police,  died whilst on duty.

2003 Race Relations Day was formally celebrated for the first time in NZ with the theme "Hands up for Kiwis of every race and place".
Something this side of the ditch could learn from *insert deep, long-suffering sigh from being surrounded by much stupid*

2009 - Anna Bligh became the first Aussie sheila to lead her party to a state election victory; previous chickybabe state Premiers Carmen Lawrence and Joan Kirner both took over the possy as Premier from their predecessors after their parties were in power, and were both kicked to the kerb in state elections afterwards.

2013 - A mere 5 years ago the then-PM Julia Gillard apologised on behalf of the Oz Govt to those people effected by the dreadful forced adoption or removal of babies practices.
Sadly, the coverage of the apology was disgustingly over-shadowed by political tantrums in the ALP party with a leadership spill announced by Simon Crean - who was subsequently sacked from Cabinet and later upheld his promise to resign from politics if he was unsuccessful.
Ta ta, Si.

2018 - Today is Harmony Day which celebrates the cohesive and inclusive nature of our nation and promotes the benefits of cultural diversity. Schools, community groups and organisations across Australia host Harmony Day events.

2018 - International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination reminds us of our collective responsibility for promoting and protecting this ideal.
Oh how we laughed.

2233 Captain James Tiberius Kirk will be pupped in Riverside, Iowa...and if you need to ask "Who is James Tiberius Kirk?" then you really aren't from this planet.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 20 On This Day in Australian History

1802 Matthew Flinders followed in the tradition of brown nosing naming new places after influential bods back home when he dubbed Spencer Gulf in South Oz after a bloke on the Admiralty Board.

1834 Arthur Orton, the butcher from Wagga Wagga who claimed to be the long lost heir to the Tichborne fortune, was pupped.

1838 - Patrick Cuffy was Hanged at Sydney for robbery and assault on William Vivers at Bureen.

1838 - John Toole was Hanged at Sydney for robbery and assault on William Vivers at Bureen.

1844 Oh , if only for that blue telephone police box to pop back in time...Flogging off the land selling the first blocks of land at Seymour commenced today.

1846 Just to make sure Melbourne's Princes' Bridge was going to be built, the foundation stone was laid.

1856 William Gocher, a journalist, newspaper publisher and reformer of beach bathing swimming laws (he broke 'em) was spawned. Read more about beach bathing Billy-boy HERE.

1872 Pack away your fur capes theatre lovers, the Theatre Royal in Melbourne was gutted by fire.

1873 Longwood to Violet Town railway line was opened.
Pretty little line, it might surprise some in State Govt to learn it actually did carry trains that transported people, odd though it may seem.

1878 Needing to fill up the not-so empty spot that was a cemetery, Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market was opened...yes, right on top of buried bodies, too. Roughly 10,000 are under your feet as you park the car and wander about looking for that extra special something....

1885 Ruby Lindsay, the adored, beloved and worshipped wife of Will Dyson, sister to the famous Lindsay artist brothers and artists in her own right, was born.

1893 - Cooperabiddy was hanged at Roebourne for murder of James Coppin, a half-caste [sic], at the Hamersley Range.

1903 Lightning Ridge Opal fields was a'booming when it was opened up today.

1912 – The SS Koombana sank near Port Hedland, Western Australia, during a tropical cyclone, with the loss of at least 138 passengers and crew.

1912 - Const. Frank Buttle, WA Police, died whilst travelling on board the SS Koombana.

1915 Swimming between the flags took on a competitive edge when the first state Lifesaving Championships were held at Bondi.

1916 The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps land in France.

1917 Lieutenant F.H McNamara, from Rushworth in Victoria, became the first Aussie airman to win a VC for rescuing a downed comrade in Palestine.

1920 Some feller who was handy with a needle and thread started his tailoring company called (David) Fletcher Jones. He later set up shop in Warrnambool in 1924.

1920 - Constable George Henry Taylor, Victoria Police, was shot whilst attempting to effect arrest.

1929 Start flapping those wings, the first airmail stamp was issued in Australia and it cost a whole threepence!

1932 - The North Shore Railway Line (NSW) was kicked to the kerb and closed.

1946 Henry Handel Richardson aka Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson, Aussie author who was surreptitiously but openly out of the closet during her lifetime, popped her clogs.

1976 A general election was held in Victoria - close enough to record as poltergeist activity with political careers rising from the dead...

1983 Chas, Di and Wee Willy popped in for a cuppa and some scones.

1989 The Lil Aussie Weeper, PM Bob Hawke, blubbered on national TV while admitting to doing the dirty on his wonderful wife, Hazel.

1990 – British-born serial killer John Wayne Glover was arrested for the murders of six elderly women on Sydney's North Shore.

2006 Cyclone Larry gatecrashed Far North Queensland, leaving AU$1billion in damages and no affordable bananas for nearly 2 years.

2008 - The government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health leaders signed a Statement of Intent in the Great Hall of Parliament House to work together to achieve equality in health status and life expectancy between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians by the year 2030.

2008 - Australia commits $17 million to train Aboriginal nurses and doctors, as part of efforts to close a 17-year gap in the life expectancies of indigenous and other Australians.

2009 - Retired Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld is sentenced to at least two years' jail for perjury and making a false statement with intent to pervert the course of justice, to avoid a $75 speeding ticket in 2006.

2009 - The federal government's Fair Work Bill passes parliament, assigning the Howard government's controversial Work Choices industrial relations regime to history.

2015 - More than 150 people filled the Redfern Community Centre to discuss a treaty for Australia’s first people.

Monday, March 19, 2018

March 19 On This Day in Australian History

1790 - HMS (His Majesty's Ship) Sirius was popping over to Norfolk Island with a bite to eat when it had a nasty mischief on a reef and went belly up.

1803 - Laurence Dempsey was Hanged for feloniously entering the house of Thomas Neal of Richmond Hill.

1836 - Marvellous, wonderful and simply splendid David Scott Mitchell was pupped today. Mitchell spent most of his life and a small fortune collecting Australiana, which he donated to the NSW State Library on his death. Old Four Hours was the nickname the hansom cab drivers gave him due to his habit of spending 4 hours every Monday searching through second hand book shops.

1839 - Land prices plummeted and the locals upped sticks and decamped... settlement began at Port Lincoln.

1839 - Honey bees were landed upon Kiwi soil for the first time.

1840 - Thomas Whitton was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of John Hawker and arson at Oak Park, Crookwell. Whitton had earlier murdered John Kennedy Hume, brother of the explorer Hamilton Hume.

1849 - George Waters Ward was Hanged at Maitland for the murder of Richard Connolly (or King) at Muswellbrook.

1852 - Adelaide was rolling in it after the first gold escort rocked into town from the Mount Alexander goldfields with over 5,000 oz of the glittery stuff.

1856 - The very first secret ballot in the whole wide world happened in Victoria because the pollies had Secret Mens Business to deal with.

1856 - The Victorian Railways Department was created as part of and by the Victorian Government...and no, they weren't crocheting sardine cans with shoe-horns, why do you ask?

1858 - The Newcastle Branch Railway Line (NSW) was thrown open for the shunting business of train travel.

1858 - Edward Cardana (alias John Nelson alias Michael Ferrara) was Hanged for the murder of John Armstrong at Long Gully.

1866 - At the ripe old age of 20 years John Dunn danced his way into the great wide beyond at the end of a rope for taking up bushranging with Ben Hall as a career move.

1866 - James Jones was Hanged at Ballarat for the murder of Dr Julius Saenger, committed at Scarsdale.

1894 - Ernest Knox was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Isaac Crawcour whilst in the act of burglary at Williamstown.

1904 - The inaugural Henley-on-Yarra boating race was held in Melbourne, what-oh, to be won by the august Ballarat team.

1907 - At Bonnievale in Westralia miner Modesto Vareschetti was trapped in a flooded mine for 9 days. He was eventually rescued by Frank Hughes who had repeatedly brought him food in a diving suit.

1913 - The recently departed original singing cowboy Smokey Dawson was born today. A friend of Ned Kelly's family and a resident of St Vincent's Boys' Home in Sth Melbourne, Herbert Henry (nee Brown) Dawson lived a remarkable life.

1923 - The North Coast Railway Line (NSW) was available for all steamy locomotives to begin trundling along its tracks.

1932 - Big Jack Lang finally got his own way and officially opened the Coat Hanger aka Sydney Harbour Bridge after Francis de Groot had cantered over it on his trusty charger and slashed the fancy red ribbon with his handy-dandy sword.

1951 - Parliament dissolved 
The Governor-General granted a double dissolution of both houses of parliament. He held that the Senate’s action in referring the Commonwealth Bank Bill to committee was a ‘failure to pass’ the Bill. This was only the second double dissolution of the parliament, the first being in 1914.

1964 - The Meringur to Morkalla Railway line (Vic) closed and for which I am STILL not speaking to that fool!

1969 -  Some newbie Sydney band called Sherbet debuted at the New 2UW Spectacular at Brookvale Oval.

1976 - The Aboriginal Embassy was re-established by the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC) in the home of retired army colonel, Mr John Moloney, 26 Mugga Way, Red Hill, ACT, to protest Coalition Government cutbacks to Aboriginal organisations and the threat to abolish the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC).

1979 - Crawford Productions began filming on the short-lived aircraft soapie Skyways. Starring former helicopter pilot from Skippy Tony Bonner with Tina Bursil, Gaynor Martin( now Mrs Glen Wheatley), a rather young Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, Skyways failed in takeoff.

1979 - Melbourne: The Full Bench of the Arbitration Commission grants maternity leave for all women in private industry in a test case by the ACTU

1985 - The ABC’s Four Corners program screened a full hour report on AIDS.

1988 - Openly gay, former Young Labor President, Paul O’Grady was elected to the Legislative Council.

2013 - As part of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF) and its 35th anniversary celebrations, the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives  pulled the slide projector out from under the bed and invited some of its special friends to share some of their most precious queer historical pics at  MQFF Festival Lounge (Beer Deluxe), Federation Square, Melbourne.

2015 - Thousands of people rallied in cities and towns around Australia protesting against the planned closure of around 150 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

March 18 On This Day in Australian History

1804 - Jervis Bay Aborigines visited Sydney.

1816 - Macquarie advises Lord Bathurst in London: ‘It is my Intention, as soon as I shall have Ascertained What Tribes Committed the late Murders and Depredations, to send a strong Detachment of Troops to drive them to a Distance from the Settlements of the White Men.’

1820 - Macquarie scribbled in his journal on this day;
"I returned early this morning to Parramatta, accompanied by Commodore Vassilieff, and Lieut. Aveenoff in my own Carriage, and by Capt. Schessmareff, Lieut. Hall, and Lieut. Ignatieff, of the Russian Squadron. — After Breakfast I walked all over the Town of Parramatta with these Gentlemen. — Colonel Erskine came up from Sydney to dine with us, and Lieut. King R. Navy also made one of our Dinner Party. — Capt. Piper kindly lent me his Carriage for 3 of the Russian Officers."

1825 - Helping Or-stray-lia feel more like Old Blighty the Sydney Turf Club was hatched.

1833 - Joseph Coleman was Hanged at Old Banks, Paterson Plains for the attempted murder of Edward Cory.

1834 - In England, six English agricultural laborers , the so-called “Tolpuddle Martyrs” ,were sentenced to seven years of banishment to Australia’s New South Wales penal colony for their trade union activities.

1840 - Talk about bringing down the house...the Royal Hotel and theatre were destroyed by fire but, fear not! Tales continue to be woven on the same spot in the guise of Dymock's book store in George St, Sydney.

1844 - St Patricks Church, Church Hill, designed by JF Hilly and built by Andrew Ross & Co, was ready for use. The parish priest was John McEncroe, an Irishman, which further cemented the church in the Irish community.

1850 - A red Letter day in some people's diaries - the birth of James Toohey in Melb, founder of Toohey's Brewery.

1863 - Alexander Ross, Bushranger. Hanged at Darlinghurst for highway robbery and the attempted murder of Harry Stephens at Caloola, near Blayney.

1863 - Charles Ross, Bushranger. Hanged at Darlinghurst for highway robbery and the attempted murder of Harry Stephens at Caloola, near Blayney.

1867 - William Henry Scott was Hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of Anne Ramsden (Scott) in Sussex St.

1877 - Constable Thomas Collins, Victoria Police, was on patrol in the Wangaratta area when he fell from his horse. He received internal injuries and died on the 23rd March 1877, at the Wangaratta Hospital.

1878 - The famous Queen Victoria Market was flung open for business in Melbourne; from whence one can acquire fresh fruit, vegies, meat, seafood and cheap souvenirs whilst walking all over the 9,000 dead bodies still interred down below.

1887 - Excitement squirrel gripped the public when the Heyfield to Maffra (Vic) railway line was flung open.

1888 - Due to the not-so-sweet aromas wafting about Smell-bourne the Royal Commission to enquire into Melbourne's Sanitary Conditions was established.
Although....must have been difficult to enquire into something that didn't exist!

1889 - William Harrison was Hanged at Bendigo for the murder of 'Corky Jack' Duggan at Elmore.

1892 - Duck, they were at it again!
Extending the rail network, that is, when they opened the Rokeby to Neerim South section of the Noojee Railway line (Vic).

1892 - Tomahawk was hanged at Mount Dockerell, the site of the crime, for the murder of William Miller.

1892 - Dicky was hanged at Mount Dockerell, the site of the crime, for the murder of William Miller.

1892 - Chinaman (Jerringo) was hanged at Mount Dockerell, the site of the crime, for the murder of William Miller.

1910 - He of the smoke and mirrors, Harry Houdini, piloted the first controlled aircraft flight at Diggers Rest, Vic.

1923 - John Campbell Miles, having nothing better to do that day, discovered lead and silver at Mt Isa, Qld.

1940 The (con artists) Govt started (flogging) selling War Savings Certificates.

1942 - Whilst flitting from one train to the next (due to differences in rail gauges) at Terowie in South Oz on his way to Adelaide Gen. Douglas MacArthur made his infamous speech of "I came out of Bataan and I shall return,".
Thankfully he didn't.

1944 - The War Cabinet agreed to raising the wage of Torres Strait Islander servicemen to 66% of what the white servicemen were paid, backpaying the increase to 1st July 1943 but only on the proviso that the wages were still paid to the Director of Native Affairs.

1954 - Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived for their first visit to South Australia on this day.

1957 - Food on the run became popular when Meals on Wheels was introduced in Sydney.

1974 - Grundy's high-school soapie Class Of '74 premiered on Channel 7, with theme music by Brian Cadd.

1985 - Neighbours premiered on Channel 7, the channel who in a moment of complete silliness axed the soapie after only 6 months and has wept buckets of tears ever since while watching its popularity climb on another channel.
( Whoever made that decision is probably still cleaning public dunnys).

2007 - More than 200,000 pairs of feet walked across the poor old used and abused Sydney Harbour Bridge to "celebrate" her 75th birthday.
You sick people! 

2011 - Dr. Peter Michell of Macquarie University announced he had located the exact spot of Bennelong's grave in a private garden in Putney.